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What is Artist Development?

For those interested in pursuing a career as an artist, there are so many factors involved outside of vocal development. Ryan has extensive experience and can guide developing artists with complicated challenges such as:

- how to find your own style
- songwriting
- forming and leading a band
- booking gigs
- releasing your own music
- creating unique cover versions
and so much more....
Ain't No Sunshine cover by Jessica Pagliuca
(arranged and produced by Ryan Luchuck)

Ryan as Producer

Ryan Luchuck continues to produce music and perform extensively. Here are a few examples of recordings Ryan has produced and mixed for other artists:

Our Recording Studio

Our students have access to our recording studio with an engineer for only $45/hour. Ryan has stocked the studio with his favourite top of the line equipment. You can record your own music and compete sonically with any big studio.
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